It is the agreement between wine-growers and wine-producers, partners
of Cantine Europa, for the selection of best vineyards and grapes.
The goal is simple: producing wines that represent the environment and culture of our area. Sibiliana is the label of these Wines and represent the tool through wich they are o ered to the most di cult consumers all over the world.

Territory & grapevines
Our territory is a unique patrimony due to our large vineyard extension.
The sun, the mild and well-ventilated climate and the ats and sweet hills of Occidental Sicily are the best conditions for an advanced and selective viticulture.

La nostra Storia - Sibiliana Vini

We believe that the word “territory” has a deeper meaning: an extraordinary blend of ancient stories, farmer families and strong traditions that need to be preserved. We build value working around one common denominator: the grape and its wine. We have more than 4500 hectares of productive land with grapevines located in the provinces of Trapani, Agrigento and Palermo.

The countless combination of factors such as the type of the grape “cultivar”
(local and international,) the characteristics of the land, the cultivation tecnique, the exposure of the vineyard and the elevation of the installation, enables an intense work on the selection of the grape. All of these ingredients are essential to produce the best wine possible.